Tooth Whitening

Your smile is very important!  It is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. There are many things that can cause staining of your teeth, including tea, coffee, wine, smoking, etc.  Tooth whitening is an easy way to brighten and improve your smile.  There are a variety of options for whitening, which vary in regards to their cost, time commitment, and effectiveness.  Over-the-counter products can be purchased, including whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, and whitening strips.  However, these products have a very low concentration of bleach, making them minimally effective.  Dr. Levine recommends choosing a whitening procedure that is convenient and efficient.  The in-office options that are available to you include:



Custom Bleach Trays: Impressions are taken, models are poured, and custom trays are made. They are shaped to cover only the tooth surface, minimizing contact of the bleach material with your gums.  Trays are delivered with instructions and bleach material for at home use.


Zoom Whitening System: This 1-2 hour procedure is the fastest way to whiten your teeth.  A trained dental assistant isolates your teeth, applies several coats of hydrogen peroxide gel, and then applies the zoom light for activation.  Dr. Levine will provide you with complimentary custom bleach trays to go home with, so that you can touch up your smile at your own convenience.


Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of whitening.  This sensitivity can last 1-2 days, and is always reversible.