What is a nightguard?

If you see your front teeth wearing down, wake up with tension in your jaw muscles, have frequent headaches,or notice your gums receding, you most likely need a nightguard.  A nightguard is an acrylic splint that fits over the upper or lower teeth to provide protection against grinding and/or clenching of the teeth at night.  A nightguard might be the key to long term preservation of your teeth.

How is a nightguard made?

A custom fit nightguard requires two visits with Dr. Levine.  During the first visit, impressions are taken, a face-bow is used (records the relationship between your jaw and your temporomandibular joint), and a wax bite registration is taken.  All of this information is given to a lab technician in order to fabricate the acrylic guard.  At the second visit, the nightguard is adjusted to achieve a balanced bite and ensure that the teeth have no interferences when sliding forward and side-to-side.