Partial Dentures

What is a Partial Denture?

If you are missing multiple teeth, and you are not a candidate for implants or a bridge, a partial denture may be just the solution for you.  A cast metal partial denture consists of a metal framwork with acrylic teeth attached that serve to replace the missing teeth.  The metal framework is  designed with clasps that hook onto the existing teeth for retention.  In special situations, a precision partial can be designed without clasps that aqcuires retention by sliding into custom fit crowns.

How is a partial denture made?

The process of making a partial denture takes about 1 month and 3-5 visits with Dr. Levine.  Molds of the teeth need to be taken in order to create a well-fitting metal framework.  After verifying that the metal framework fits and is retentive, a bite registration is taken in order to capture the relationship between the upper and lower jaw.  The lab technician uses the bite relationship to set the acrylic teeth in wax.  Depending on the number of teeth involved and their location in the mouth, Dr. Levine may need an appointment to try-in the teeth in the mouth.  The partial denture is completed at the dental laboratory using the “lost wax” technique. A mold of the wax-up partial denture is made, the wax is removed and the remaining space is filled with pink plastic in dough form. The mold is then heated to harden the plastic. The denture is then polished and ready for wear.