Do you have multiple white spots on your teeth? Is your enamel pitted or discolored?  You may have what is known as dental fluorosis.  While fluoride is important for cavity prevention, too much fluoride intake when the permanent teeth are undergoing development can lead to fluorosis.  The critical time period during which the permanent teeth … Read more

Composite Bondings

This young boy (~7yrs old) had an accident while playing at school and broke two of his front teeth.  There are various options for repairing fractured teeth.  In this situation, the patient will eventually need root canals and crowns in order to save his teeth.  However, the roots have not fully developed at the age … Read more

My tooth got knocked out! What do I do?

According to the Massachusetts Dental Society, more than five million teeth are knocked out each year through sports injury, accident, or play. Saving a tooth depends on how the tooth is handled during the first 30-60 minutes after it has been knocked out of the mouth.  If you are ever in this situation, keep the … Read more

Don’t Stress Your Back At Work

Do have a job that places a lot of strain on your neck and back? Whether you are on your feet all day, sitting at a desk, or working on a patient, you have the potential to develop back problems by repeating bad habits and postural positions.  Here are a few tips to create a … Read more

American Heart Month

Did you know that February is American Heart Month?  It is a reminder to all of us to keep our hearts healthy.  Cardiovascular disease remains America’s number one killer, according to the American Heart Association.  Studies have shown a correlation between gum disease and heart disease, underscoring the importance of good oral health care. Visiting … Read more


Are you noticing that your teeth are starting to shift?  Are your teeth beginning to chip and/or develop notches by the gum line?  Do you have spaces between your teeth where food gets trapped?  All of these factors are most likely related to and caused by misaligned teeth.  Teeth that are not positioned properly in … Read more

Proud To Smile

Are you proud to smile?  Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they look at you, so can imagine how it would feel if you didn’t want people to see your teeth. The woman you see in these photos has been my dental assistant, patient, and friend for close to five … Read more

Tooth Whitening

For those of you who have hectic lives, finding effective and efficient products is a priority.  When tooth whitening works, it can make a big difference in your smile!! There are many options for tooth whitening out on the market today.  You can go to your local drugstore and you’ll find a variety of products, … Read more

Why does it hurt when I bite on my tooth?

Why does it hurt when I bite on my tooth? Pressure sensitivity is a common dental problem.  What could it be?  There are several different reasons why pressure on a tooth may cause pain. When a filling/crown is too high, it can generate tooth sensitivity.   In this situation, adjusting the filling/crown to create an even … Read more

Stinky Breath

The last thing you want is someone telling you that you have bad breath!  The problem is, many times we have bad breath and have no way of knowing it.  The “bad breath” comment can make you feel very self-conscious.  On a more positive note, at least someone was brave enough to tell you, so … Read more