Composite Bondings

This young boy (~7yrs old) had an accident while playing at school and broke two of his front teeth.  There are various options for repairing fractured teeth.  In this situation, the patient will eventually need root canals and crowns in order to save his teeth.  However, the roots have not fully developed at the age of 7.  In order to conservatively repair these broken teeth, Dr. Levine used composite bonding material. 

 Composite is a resin-based material that can be sculpted and bonded to teeth in order to replace missing tooth structure.   Before adding the composite, Dr. Levine completed a minor gingivectomy, a procedure whereby gum tissue is removed around the tooth, creating more surface area for bonding.  Subsequently, she used composite in order restore the fractured teeth.  This boy now has a smile he can be proud of while we wait for his roots to finish developing. 

 If you have chipped teeth or old fillings that need to be replaced, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Levine to determine what your options are.