Proud To Smile

Are you proud to smile?  Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they look at you, so can imagine how it would feel if you didn’t want people to see your teeth.

The woman you see in these photos has been my dental assistant, patient, and friend for close to five years.  When we first started working together, I would notice her smiling with her lips closed to avoid the embarrassment of her teeth.  She has had a history of trauma to her front teeth, staining, and many fillings placed over the years.  So where did she begin?

We scheduled her for a consultation.  During this visit we discussed her concerns and goals for her dental care.  She was worried about the integrity of her teeth, the cavities developing around old fillings, and the esthetics of her smile.  Her goal was to have a beautiful, naturally looking smile, while maintaining the size and shape of her teeth. We then gathered all of the necessary diagnostic information, including xrays, photos, and impressions of the teeth. Finally, I completed a comprehensive clinical exam.  I presented her with all of her options for treatment and ultimately my patient decided which direction she wanted to take.

After several visits, my patient went home with the smile she was hoping for.  These visits included preparing the teeth for crowns, placing temporary crowns on the teeth, taking molds of the teeth for her permanent crowns, and then cementing the permanent crowns in place.  We worked closely with a very talented lab technician to achieve the color and natural look that she wanted.  She can now eat without worrying about her teeth breaking, and her teeth and gums are much healthier.  My patient is finally proud to smile!