Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures (implant overdenture)

What is an implant overdenture?

A common complaint of people who wear complete dentures is that they are hard to keep in place, resulting in problems with eating, speaking, and also causing soreness as the teeth shift and rub on the gums.  An overdenture is a removable partial or complete denture that snaps into a small number of implants.  These implants greatly increase the denture’s retention while reducing the wear and tear to the underlying gum and bone.  Generally 2-4 implants per arch are required for an implant overdenture.

How is an implant overdenture made?

The process of making an implant overdenture begins by determining the ideal implant position.  Either an oral surgeon or a periodontist then places the appropriate number of implants in the jaw.  During the osseointegration period, which is when the bone heals around the implants, the patient will wear their new or existing denture.  After a period of up to 6 months, attachment are placed on both the denture and implants, allowing the denture to snap in and out of the mouth.  This process has proven to greatly enhance quality of life!