Tooth Whitening

For those of you who have hectic lives, finding effective and efficient products is a priority.  When tooth whitening works, it can make a big difference in your smile!!

There are many options for tooth whitening out on the market today.  You can go to your local drugstore and you’ll find a variety of products, including whitening mouth rinses, toothpastes, and strips.  If you go to your dentist you will probably hear about zoom whitening and custom bleach trays.

The question is, why should you spend your money on professional whitening if your drugstore has less costly options?  It all boils down to the effectiveness of the product.  The difference between the various whitening products is the concentration of bleach found in each one.  The higher the concentration of bleach, the more effective the product is going to be.  The over-the-counter products can work, but you will end up spending a lot more time to get to the same end result!  The two options that have proven to be the most effective are the in-office Zoom whitening or the custom bleach trays.

Option 1: Custom bleach trays are made from a mold that is taken of your teeth.  The trays are trimmed to fit around the contours of the teeth, preventing bleach material from getting onto your gum tissue.  When you buy the custom fit trays at one of my offices, they come with the bleach gel for you to use at home.   In order to achieve your best results, it is recommended to bleach for about 1 hour a day for a total of 1-2 weeks.

Option 2: The in-office zoom whitening requires that you schedule a 1 ½ hour appointment.  During this procedure, an even higher concentration of bleach gel is used in conjunction with the zoom light accelerator.   At my offices the zoom whitening comes with custom bleach trays that you can use to touch up your smile down the road.   Zoom whitening gives you the same results that you would achieve with 2 weeks of using the custom bleach trays.

Keep in mind that all teeth bleach differently, and that not everyone can achieve the same level of whiteness.If you are still not satisfied with the color of your teeth after either the custom trays or the zoom, you may want to consider alternative options.